Landing Page Review


Hi Everyone, I just created my first landing page and would greatly appreciate some feedback from all the experts out there.  Thanks!


Hey Paul, 

Quick disclosure: I know nothing about your industry and had to google “NNN Definition” to find out that it means Triple Net Lease (thank you wikipedia)

So with that in consideration here are my 2 cents:

Before I critique your page, here are a couple questions to consider… 

  1. Are you speaking to and connecting with the needs of your target audience? 

Clearly, I’m not someone who would complete your form. But is your content/offer clear WHO it is for? Are you targeting real-estate agents, franchise owners, investors? Each of these customer segments may have a need for your offer, but they’re REASON for wanting it is different. 

  1. How are you driving traffic to your site?

You need to ensure that the message/offer your sending at the point of acquisition (email, ppc, social media etc…) is in line with the offer on your landing page.

Now for my critique of your page…  

Value Proposition Not Clear: I see your process but the BENEFITS of your list are not clear - what does it include (more details), how will it help me, … I feel there’s a lot of opportunity to sell me on WHY I absolutely NEED your list. Having a deep understanding of your audience and their needs will really help with this. 

Authority: You’re not demonstrating any authority elements that give me confidence in you are, your expertise, and why I should trust you. Are you a member of any associations? Do you have any awards or accreditations? What makes your a product/service trustworthy. … Including some testimonials or demonstrating some REAL results of how your list has helped people in the past would definitely help me have more confidence and increase my want for your list. 

Design: The design could look a little more professional (for example simply changing your logo from a JPG to PNG without the white background would help). You have a banner image of Walgreens but it’s not really clear why… Also the content in the 1,2,3 list looks a little jammed. 

Copy: Your header is prime real-estate (no pun intended) so I would change the copy in your banner to something that sells the benefits of getting your list and then drop the “How it Works” lower beside the form. Whatever copy you put in the header - just make sure it connects with the SPECIFIC needs of your target audience. Create separate landing pages with different messages based on the segment your targeting. 

Hope this was helpful, 

Sina Fak