Landing Page Ownership?


As a consultant, what happens when client relationship is over? If we don’t own the page we keep paying for traffic even after our client relationship is over. How do we resolve that?


Just clarify in contract that whenever they terminate contract their page will be down. Charge a surplus per visit so make a margin on Unbounce fees or go for a fixed fee per month to host their pages.

If you’re talking about a once-off design effort you might want to considering changing your approach and deliver pages in HTML or something rather then on a SAAS platform.


We’ve been having the same issue. In the case of agencies/consultants, Unbounce needs to make a way to transfer pages to an entirely different account so the client can pay for the Unbounce hosting, if they would like, and continue using the Unbounce page.

Wish this was already implemented.


I don’t normally jump in here but this thread caught my attention. This is valuable insights, thank you.

Let me explain the two scenarios that we currently see when it comes to consultants/agencies.

First scenario (which would address Dean’s concerns) is that the consultant sets up and manages the account on behalf of the client. The client owns the account and it is the client credit card that is billed monthly. This is idea for one of design efforts as TLLMN mentions above.

The second scenario we see is consultant/agency setting up a landing page for their client under the consultant/agency account. Consultant/agency owns and manages the account/pages. This is typical for consultant/agency that are providing a wide range of online services to a client (managing PPC for example) with the deliverables being campaign results rather than a tangible HTML page.

Hope this is helpful. Our upcoming multi-user/multi-client version should make it much much easier for consultants/agency to use Unbounce for client work.



Hey guys,
As Rick mentioned, we’re in the process of building multi-client and mutli-user features to support agencies and people doing work in teams. One of the proposed features we’ll be working on is the ability to move entire pages from one client to another, which would likely solve your original issue. We’re rounding up a beta group to help shape these features as we build them so please sign up here if that sounds like something you’d like to be involved in. Thanks!


Great to hear your plans Rick and Carter! Thanks for listening to your customers and responding to our requests!


Sometimes I offer free hosting to my clients who are long term clients or will be long term clients. Since I buy hosting plans at 4+ years at a time, with unlimited bandwidth and domains, the cost is minimum.

Keeping the accounts and credit cards separate are also good ideas, it all depends on the relationship and contract with client.


Hey guys, I’m really excited to announce that we’ve rolled out a batch of shiny new features to accomodate multiple users and multiple sub-accounts (clients). What this means is that you no longer need to share your login information with anyone, and you can organize pages, domains and page groups into separate sub-accounts for client work or project specific organization. We’ve also rolled in a few new features such as the ability to edit your “new lead” email notifications, as well as the ability to transfer pages between accounts.

For more details on the roll out, please check out our landing page with a couple of videos to get you started:

Enjoy, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback!