Landing page opens at the bottom of the page

Hi, I just made my first landing page but it opens at the bottom of the page. How do I fix this?

Sounds strange @Wslade :face_with_monocle:

There might be a page anchor in the URL (/#bottom-section) which would open it to that section. Or maybe something else is going on. Could you share the page URL?

I’d be happy to look and help out.

Usually I’ve seen this happen if a custom script is added and the script contains a “focusOnLoad” element. Are you using any custom scripts on the page?

Hi, thank you for replying. Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply sooner. My VA figured it out.

Hi Nicholas, honestly I don’t know how to add any scripts. I used one of the templates and just added my info to it . This was my first landing page, my VA was able to fix it though. Thank you for replying to my question. Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t able to get back to this because of how crazy life is right now.