Landing page not converting... Any suggestions?


getting quite a bit of traffic tot his page but its not converting very well. Any suggestions on what I should change…


Hello Anthony,

Hope you are well.  Short on time some I cannot dive too deep, but I wanted to mention that you could try and possibly reduce jargon in the features and speak more towards the benefits in the copy.  Also there is not much information in regards to the offer.

I watched the video and gland over the copy on the page and still wasn’t 100% sure what I was signing myself up for.  

Then again, I may not be your target audience…




Hi Anthony,

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that the headline has the wrong punctuation.  It should read
"Expand your product line today!" instead of “Expand you product line today!” 

Since this is lead gen, I assume you need both the email and phone #.  If not, maybe keep one mandatory and the other optional?  

This may be more of a opinion from a fellow marketer and not necessarily matter to your target audience, but I suggest having something related to the product in the landing page url and not “new-landing-t8/.”

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Great! Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks Andrea. I’ve gone over the page a thousand times cant believe i didnt notice the top line. 


My pleasure!  


Hi Joe, 

I changed the page completely. I feel a bit better about this one.


Hi Andrea, I created a whole different layout. What are your thoughts on this?


Hello Anthony,

I don’t know if this is relevant to your industry, but if I put myself in the shoes of a potential partner, the questions that come in my mind are ‘Why would I leave my contact info for? What is there for me? . I think the call to action is not appealing enough for a visitor to want to give you his contact info, especially if he doesn’t want to get spammed by all the vendors out there. So I suggest you use something more like ‘Find out now what my company could benefit’ or ’ Get a proposal today’.

Then you could add a ‘hero shot’ or contextual images to help the visitors quickly understand what your business is about , like explained in this ecourse

And since you want the visitor to feel like it’s a personnalized proposal you want to give you may want to add ‘Industry’ or ‘type of company’ also in the form.

Hope that’ll help