Landing Page,


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
We are revamping our old page, and we have solved a few UX related issues as well. Here is the link to our old landing page:

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
We are driving traffic from organic, paid and referrals.

3: What is your conversion goal?

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


I think the page looks great – the only thing I would be looking at is the ‘attention ratio’.

There are 30+ other links that the user can click that detracts from your main goal of sign-ups. Removing the footer would be the first thing I’d look at doing – I’m assuming you’re using this as your main homepage too, but even so, there are too many things a user can potentially do on this page.

I would test removing all the other links and only having the sign-up email form box in the header section, and the ‘SIGN UP’, ‘DEMO’ and ‘LOG IN’ buttons in the nav. Maybe the features/pricing too.


Hey Rajat,

Nice page overall. I see a big improvement in the design for sure from the first version.

Here’s some quick tips for things you might want to test/change:

  1. Yes, as @Zoe_Tattersall mentioned, cut down the links for sure. This is huge. A landing page should be focused and have as little distraction as possible. I’d look at every link, and if it’s not leading to the conversion goal, take it out.

  2. There is also a lot of text on the page. I’d try a version with about half the text and see how that does. I think people might miss the message if there is too much going on. The main headline and subheadline for instance is very long.

  3. The testimonials you have are great, but they kinda of blend into the page. Maybe because there’s no photo of the people giving the testamonials. That might help.

  4. Have you considered testing a popup, maybe using Unbounce’s popup tool? This could help you capture visitors who may be about to leave and gives you one last opportunity to show the call to action.

Good luck!


Thank you for your valuable feedback :slight_smile: