Landing Page for Real Estate Industry



I have an opportunity to start a PPC campaing for a Real Estate project, since I have a management background, design is not my field, that is why I came to Unbounce looking for a solution.

Unfortunately, Unbounce hasn _t built any design for the Real Estate industry, I think it will be really cool and useful (especially for guys like me in the Real Estate field) to have such wonderful tools for our campaings

Kind regars



everything you need is all there ! trust me!


I agree - I built a real estate lead capture system on unbounce with no background in design either. Do some research and read a little - look at other landing pages you like and recreate them on unbouce. You can do it !


Hey Dean, any examples of pages that have worked for you? I’m starting a real estate project and looking for info.



Hi, just started sending meaningful PPC traffic to one of my pages recently and conversions haven’t been as great as I would like - so I feel I need to do more testing before I can give you an answer. I will be testing KISS vs Video vs Long pages over the next quarter and will let you know what works the best for me. However real estate ranges from $ 5,000 properties to ? and any conclusions I make will be about a certain price range and location - may not be the same for different price ranges or locations - ahh the never ending joys of testing…