Landing Page for Online Yoga Course


Hey Gang,
We’ve just launched a Facebook ad campaign for one of our online courses and so far it’s not converting very well.
We’ve seen 630 click throughs and no purchases. It is a high ticket item, but I’d appreciate your feedback on the design and perhaps I’ve forgotten something quite crucial that is putting people off.

I’m running two ads in the ad set. One reads

Explore & practice the fundamental principles of pranayama with this online yoga course certified by the Yoga Alliance. - Sign up->

And the second is

Pranayama with Richard Rosen: An online yoga course for the continuing education of yoga instructors and yoga professionals, certified by the Yoga Alliance. - Learn More->

Landing Page link


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing your page. I put together a short video with some feedback (video autoplays):



Thank you for taking the time for that thorough response. I did notice that a small percentage of traffic goes off into other pages(leaking) and so removing the main nav and footer information is something I’ll do next.

The rest of your critique was all very valuable. I appreciate it. I’m going to digest this and see what I can do to improve things based on your recommendations. I’m guessing you’re available for hire? I’m not sure if we’re ready to take that step, but feel free to connect/pm (?) and I’ll have your info.


Hi Andrew,

Glad to hear you found it helpful. Let us know how it goes and best of luck with the campaign!

As for the page leaks, sometimes you will still lose conversions from having lots of external links, even if people don’t actually click on the links. Just the presence of additional links confuses the visitor as to which action they should take, and then they simply bounce, taking no action at all. So even if you’re not getting a ton of clicks on those external links, it could still be negatively affecting your bounce rate and conversion rate.

All the best,