Landing Page Feeedback


Hi everyone, I have developed this landing page and would love to have some feedback from the community.  


Thank you in advance! 


text is a little hard to read  - background image is fighting the text


Thanks AJ,

I have been battling with that for sure.  I added the shadow which helps but I am a bit lost on other possible changes that would improve it.



Great page at a glance!

It needs a little breathing room, and as AJ said the text is a touch hard to read, especially at mobile. 

Don’t be afraid of the white space… open things up even if it means more scrolling. You have spent some time in the community, I see the favicon & horizontal form. You might add this script for smooth scrolling. 

How did you do the scrolling reviews widget? Was that provided by trustpilot? It is very cool.

How are you sending traffic here?

Again, great job!



Thanks Joe!

I was just thinking the same thing as I reviewed it today before posting, definitely need to spread it out a bit.  

The review widget does come from Trust Pilot, they provide 12-15 different layouts.  I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to add social proof to their LP.

I am using this landing page for paid traffic, mainly PPC.