Landing page Feedback


Hi everyone, my partner and I have been working on this landing page and we would love to have some feedback from the community before we launch it! 

All the best
Julien @bump


Too much information on the first page. Put the founding members stuff back a bit. I know you guys are proud of what you accomplished, but take a step out of the light and  let your product speak louder. 

Front page seemed lackluster to me, I wanted to see a bit more visual trappings, graphics, show people using the app.  Your CTA was not compelling to me, once I dug a bit deeper I think the idea is a great one, but you did you ‘hook’ me with your CTA.

Great first pass, and good luck on your venture.


Hi Steve, 

Thank you very much for your feedback! We updated the page and incorporated some of the feedback we received over the past week. We are using a temporary video as we are filming our promo video right now. We hope that you like the new version!

All the best,

Julien @bump


I like the current simplicity but I might suggest adding some social proof if possible.  

Also, you might want to make the email address field required.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the feedback! We did notice that the email address field wasn’t required but we don’t like the asterisk… Do you know a way to require it without having the asterisk?
Julien @bump



The only option I know of would be to follow the instructions here (section 8-placeholder text) to move the field name into the field itself and then you can control what the label says, including the asterisk. 

Hope this helps


When I first saw your page (above the fold) I didn’t know what Bump was. I had to scroll down to understand what you do and then as soon as I got it, I thought it was a great idea! Perhaps under the “Bump” at the top you could insert your tag line of “Create meet-ups instantly to hang out with friends and accept requests to join their events.”

Are you offering a free trial? What is your CTA? Is your goal to have people sign up right away from seeing this page? Maybe offering a free trial run for 30 days would be an inviting way to get people started?

Overall, your page is VERY attractive and looks great!


Great app, I’ll have to get it :slight_smile: As for the landing page. The only thing that bothered me was the video at the top. Image changes were too fast and hurt my eyes. On the other hand it motivated me to quickly scroll down to figure out what this was about.

From the images I could easily identify the aim of the app and that I would want to use it. 


Hey Dan, Thank you so much for the feedback! Our video expert is working on the video and it will be slowed down by tomorrow! 
All the best,