Landing page feedback?


Hi all.  I’m re designing my homepage/landing page and I’m looking for feedback on it:

None of the links work since this is just a redesign of my homepage.  If you can kindly give me some feedback on this test homepage, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Just a few things about my homepage redesign:

  1. I don’t have any customer testimonials yet but I know that’s something I need to work on.

  2. Some of the wording I use in the headline and sub headline at the top helps me with keyword searches across Google and Bing - I’ve tried to make the copy sound as natural as possible without excluding keywords that people need to search for my site.

  3. While my homepage is “usable” on phones and mini-tablets, I agree it could look better and more optimized for phones and mini-tablets.  Eventually, I will do a mobile specific version of my homepage for phones and mini-tablets but that’s another project in itself (I plan to do it later).


Hey Richard,

Are you using this page for advertising, or is it only your home page?

I honestly like the page as it stands. The colours and white space work fairly well together. You may want to consider a sticky header so that a CTA follows the visitor as I am not seeing any apart from your hero panel.

Once I know the purpose for this page, I can give you more comments in regards to conversion!



Thanks for your feedback Stefano!  It will effectively be my homepage (my homepage and landing page are one and the same).  

Are you recommending that the CTA button follow the user as they scroll down?  I want the CTA button to be somewhat large so it’s easy enough for potential customers to find it.  If I put it in the header, wouldn’t that make the CTA button too small, especially for mobile users?