Landing Page Feedback. Thank you for the Feedback!

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
This is the 1st landing page I’ve created and I am looking for feedback to get the highest conversion rate as possible. I am using Google Ads- PPC and the clicks can be as expensive as $90 per click.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page? Google Ads- PPC

3: What is your conversion goal?
My conversion goal is to receive calls or for the potential customers to fill out the information for a
free roof inspection. 5% click through rate.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

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There are a few changes I would suggest for this page:

The font is of hard to read. This is likely for two reasons, first, you’ve used a serif font and best practice online is to use a sans serif font, or a mixture of both. Second, you’ve used a lot of instances of all caps which is also hurts readability. This is noticable all over your page, but specifically the guarantee, philosophy and promise are hard to read. The font is narrow, it’s light and in all caps.

You’ve focused on the benefits you offer, fast quotes and fast install, but haven’t tied that into benefits for the client. Maybe an emotional play…something like, is your roofing leaking water and causing floods in your house? We are roofing experts that can fix this, often in one day, to get the water out of your house!"

Form-again, readability is very limited with the gray font on the blue background. I would also suggest removing the address fields. They aren’t required and I would guess that most people aren’t comfortable giving out their address.

Finally, the orange button on the bottom of the page doesn’t work. You click it and it doesn’t do anything.

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There are some nice things on this page. I think the trust symbols and the grantee do a good job of instilling confidence. And overall the layout is clean and modern.

But there’s always room to improve, right?

I think the change that will bring the biggest impact will be to switch the focus a bit by selling the offer rather than the end service.

Think about it like this, most people coming from an ad won’t be ready to hire a roofing company yet. It’s much more likely that they are exploring options and comparing prices. So that’s what you want to lead with.

I would get the free quote into the headline or a subhead as that’s the first thing people wil read. Plus on mobile, the form drops below that and isn’ Visible without scrolling.

I would also add the words no obligation to further remove the appearance of any commitment. You want to remove any reason for someone not to take advantage of your offer. It’s a small thing, but those can add up.

The current headline has a good selling point for when a homeowner is comparing options, but I would make it more of a supporting point than the lead as it takes people mentally to the end of the process. If you want to play up the speediness, maybe focus on the process as a whole, starting with the quote and speak to pain point of the alternative.

Also doing roofing seems like an odd and ambiguous phrase. Don’t most people think of it having a roof repaired or replaced or having a new roof installed?

Maybe you can put the done quickly thought with your other differentiators in a why choose us type of section. Speaking of which, I like the specialization as a selling point, but the bullets seem to a bit repetitive.

I don’t think you need the contact section. How many people actually travel to your location anyway? I suspect most would call or use the form.

If you have any testimonials, that would help add a bit more social proof and could fill that spot.

The closing CTA before the final button jumps the gun a bit, like the headline does. Let the person get the info they need to make a decision before asking them to commit.

The design is a bit gray. I would consider some lighter backgrounds, at least in some sections. This would also limit the need for so much reversed out type, which is harder to read.

And I would use a color that stands out more on the form.

I hope that helps. I know it’s a lot to take in.

Best of luck!

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Thank you very much for the feedback!
I really appreciate you taking the time
to look it over and offering good advice.


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The tips that have already been given are very good, definitely move to a sans serif font to give it a more modern look and make everything easier to read. On mobile the lightblue header bar looks messy and busy, so the phone number and form don’t really pop out.

At the moment the page is written to only work well for people who have already made the choice to get their roof done and are looking for a company to do it. You have to consider however that you will also be paying $90 for people who still need to be convinced to get their roof done. Focus more on the emotional aspects (live safer, no leaks, etc) than on the technical aspects (a lot of experience, best roofers in town, etc).


Thank you very much for taking the time to review my landing page.
I really appreciate the feedback.