🙏 Landing Page Feedback please!


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
We want to get people to sign up on the form. 250 vistors and no sign up yet.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Social, PPC, E-blasts. CTR for all is good from ads. Just no conversions on page.

3: What is your conversion goal?
Sign up for an appointment

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:



Nice looking page - I like the design you have running throughout the page.

I terms of making it perform better:

Trust is going to be a big issue especially on a site offering this service (you wouldn’t want just anybody doing it for you). But on the plus side it looks like you have good credentials – 23 years experience, 12,000+ clients etc. But this isn’t easily seen.

We need to improve the top of the page. The logo looks good – clean and professional – make it bigger and move to left and put the line “Winnett Group - Weight loss surgery specialists of 23 years.” Under the logo.

On the right oppsite the logo have some trust symbols – logos of awards or industry memberships and some of these if space left:





Next, in the headline and above the fold text we need to answer:

What is it?
What does it do?
Why do we want it?
How easy and cost effective it is to do?

Right now with your above the fold view – I can see it’s something about loosing weight – perhaps that you have 23 years experience if I look carefully – that’s about it.

Only right at the bottom of the page and again looking carefully can I see it’s lap band weight loss surgery.

Need to dash out – however I will continue later.


Amazing feedback as usual @Alex_Scovell! :muscle:


part 2!

So looking back at what i wrote earlier - thats the main bit to fix in my opinion. From there we can potentially improve other bits, however it’s a non-starter before fixing the initial message.

So, logo left and bigger, trust icons, right + telephone number (adds trust, even social media icons can add trust).

Headline - very important and we want to get to the crux of it in my view. I would suggest something along the lines of:

Headline: Transform your figure and life with Lap Band Surgery*
Subheadline: Lose weight, get more energy, be you!

* i’m in two minds regarding using the word “surgery” - it may scare some people off, but on the other hand it may add credibility - straight away people can see it’s not a “fad” diet or crazy super device technique etc

So from here as a user, i’m thinking:

  • Does it cost a fortune?
  • Will I be in hospital for a month?
  • Can I trust this company (this is not something to be done by just anyone)?
  • If we’re pushing for an appointment - where is the appointment? (if it’s 10 mins down the road great, if it involves me jumping on a flight - not so great)
  • Does it work / and how quickly does it work?

If we “tick” all of these, i might be inclined to move forward.

Bullet points are very effective for this. So in the main area above the fold include bullets along the lines of:

  • Affordable with plans starting from only 50 per month
  • Quick non-invasive surgery - no need for an overnight stay
  • Qualified staff - over 12,000 happy clients
  • Fast and effective - you’ll see the difference within days
  • Local to you - with centres around the country, you won’t have to go far

Take the first step to changing your life now - you’ll wish you had years ago!

Complete the form now to book your free no-obligation consulation . —> . FORM

I would bring the form up above the fold (bullet points left, form right). You only ask for 5 fields or so - people can see how easy it is to get started. + you can use the form to sell:

So the form heading could be something like:


Button something along the lines of:


other stuff down the page is good - keep the testmonials high on the page. Happy to have another look later if helpfull.

PS - i don’t normally mention our services on here, however your product fits well with the campaigns we run and is a sector we are actively looking to do more in. We could potentially drive you leads and bill per lead - i.e you only pay for the leads we buy media and carry the risk (if of interest and a good fit). Let me know if worth discussing.


The feedback that keeps giving! :muscle:


Hey there, I agree with pretty much everything Alex said.

I have a few other recommendations as well, you can take a look here:

Winnett_Specialist_Group.pdf (1.0 MB)

Overall, I think your 80/20 changes will be:

  1. A more focused and benefit-driven headline

  2. A lead capture form above the fold

  3. More relevant bullet points

Other considerations – You have a link to your blog – nix that. Your the only purpose of your landing page is to get them to sign up for the consultation!

And my gut tells me the information pack is the wrong play for an offer like this. It feels kinda gimmicky, and that’s the last thing you want if you’re a surgery clinic.

Also, the color scheme feels kind of weak – the beige doesn’t doesn’t really pop on the page. Oh, and the picture… do you perhaps have one that’s a little more “aspirational” looking? Not the most PC advice, but something to consider.


Thanks all - great tips!


HI all, We’ve made some further changes for review. Q. Why does the form HAVE to be above the fold??? We want readers to read the features & benefits first - before they know what to sign up too. Thanks


Well, you don’t have to have a form above the fold. Nothing is set in stone. But best practice is to have a lead capture right there, so it’s crystal clear what the visitor should do next.

Some visitors will be ready to sign up after reading just your headline, subhead, and bullets. Why make them keep scrolling? It introduces a few more degrees of friction. The people who need more information will keep scrolling anyway.

A lot of the conversion process is subconscious. Your visitors have seen hundreds of landing pages before, and they know how they work. When they see the form, their brain goes, “Oh, this is where I add my email and phone number.” Use that training to your advantage.