Landing Page Feedback Please


Hi Unbounce Community! I am looking for critique on my landing page. I sent out an email blast which generated a significant click rate, but conversion from my landing page completely flopped. I made some changes, but am looking for some critical feedback. Please take a look and thanks in advance.


Page looks good in browser - not sure about mobile.
Red means stop to many people so you may want a different color submit button.
Also what was the incentive to sign-up? A sales call?  That would take a pretty committed prospect so you may want to consider what you can offer in exchange for their contact info.



I would recommend using the service for this page. I’d do a question about the trustworthiness of this brand. The “gut” feeling I get when looking at this page reminds me of an infomercial I would see at 2am. There is just so much going on.

Generally, I would say to make this better you need to “un-block” it. By that I mean everything is contained in a block type element, its very harsh. Because everything is so blocky nothing seems to relate to one another. I really think you need to embrace some white space and let things breathe a bit.

Who are you selling these units to? End users (renters) or building owners? I ask because right now I can’t tell. That could be a big part of the problem, message match.

You have a lot of great content. I really feel you could benefit from a major re-design and you’ll start to see much better conversion rates.

Keep testing, keep trying… there is no right/wrong way to do this stuff!




Thanks for the feedback. Target audience is property management companies and they are landing here via an email click through targeted just for them. I appreciate the comments.



Thanks for the feedback. From your question I am assuming you didn’t notice the Risk Free Trial. Suggestions on how to highlight that message?



I saw no risk offer button at the top, which I didn’t understand because I didn’t see the offer. The lower CTA didn’t resonate with me. I saw the big bright green call or submit. 

I would still tailor the messaging on the landing page to speak directly to them. Search for message match on the community or in the unbounce documentation. The tighter the message match the better the conversion rate.



Wasn’t sure what the CTA would get me. I didn’t think there was a risk of a trial, but now I’m concerned that there might be a risk since you said it was risk free.