Landing Page Feedback - Please

Looking for feedback on this page. Be as critical as you can the good, bad and the ugly. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Trying to increase conversions. The audience is B2B. We will be driving traffic via SEM. The goal is a 20%+ conversion rate.

Landing page:

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The biggest issue I see is a bit of an inconsistency in your messaging. The wording on the form makes it sound like some sort of coupon, the offer talks about a consultation and the rest of the page seems to be selling the service. I would narrow the focus and gear everything towards that.

You might want to test different offers to see what works best. Normally I think a free consultation for B-to-B is a good approach, since it’s lower obligation. I think your business is a bit unique, though. I could be wrong, but I would think that the sales cycle would be shorter unless you’re locking companies into a long-term agreement. And delivery service is something most businesses understand, so I can’t imagine there’s a lot of education needed that would warrant a consultation.

I think the biggest challenge is that most are probably using one of the bigger, better known companies. And while there are good reasons you provide to build credibility I suspect most wouldn’t be completely confident until actually giving you guys a try. So I would make my focus on getting them to try at least one shipment.

Maybe you can position it as a trial offer or challenge to compare it to their current solution. Then really hit on the differentiators.

As for specific parts of the page, you’ve done a nice job overall. In the hero area, I like that the image relates to the service. The form stands out, too, which is good. One thing that would improve it is to include wording that lets people know more immediately what you’re offering. There’s nothing in the head, subhead or form that mentions shipping or delivery. Without it, the 40% off rates could be about anything.

Nice job including client logos and a testimonial. Social proof is always important, and I think it’s even more so when you’re going up against well known and established brands.

I like the idea of including a video, but when I watched it, it seems like it’s more of a case study for the tech company behind that feature than an explanation of what it can do for your potential customers. I would consider creating one that speaks more to that or use images and text to explain it to prospects.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.

Hi Jp,

As Sean wrote, and I agree, it’s a nice job overall.

First of all, I would recommend an A/B test to see if consultation or direct replies with a marketing or sales flow works better.

What I’d change or delete

  • I would reconsider the UX. I wouldn’t want people to call me as I’d want them to leave the details with us, therefore I’d take the phone nr off.
  • I would also reconsider the call to action and choose something more specific. Current rates of what? (Maybe overnight delivery service - just to please the Gods of SEO?)
  • Pricing. I would make sure to present the lowest possible with an added ‘FROM’ to ensure that people convert. ATM if the pricing is not that favourable and/or is not a significant save from the customer’s point of view then you’ll get less conversions. Alternatively, I would not present the pricing at all. Consult it with the people who show buying signals and leave details with you.
  • Social buttons. Imho they’re not needed at all
  • I would consider reducing the amount of written information as it might be too extensive. Check it with Yoast SEO. On mobiles the page is definitely quite busy.
  • Finally, I don’t see how this fits into your SEO and particularly your paid ads, I would change the url and the body to provide a better quality score if you’d like to add it to eg. Google Ads.

Hope this helps and good luck with the campaign!

Brand Manager, Marketeer

Hmm. First Impression: It felt kind of outdated. I think the design and layout needs the most work.

I would change the color of the logo’s so they all match.

The font seems to vary quite a bit.

Consider adding some icons and reformatting some of the copy.

When I click the CTA am I really saving by filling out the form, or am I getting a phone call consultation?

Maybe consider adding a more relevant picture than the guy holding the envelope. When I think of overnight logistics, I think airplanes.

Thank you for your feedback Sean. I will be making some edits to the page and a/b testing subject matter. I have about six offers this is just one of several. I like your suggestion on the trial just need to work through the dynamics of that offering.

Thank you for your feedback Peter. I will make sure I adjust the CTA. I will also take your other suggestions into account when testing this page. thank you for your time.

Thank you for your suggestions Josh. I will take your comments into consideration when a/b testing this form. Thank you for your time.

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