Landing Page Feedback Please - Course Submissions


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
We need people to land on our microsite, pick a course and finally submit their email for more information

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
PPC & Social

3: What is your conversion goal?
Click through on the courses for this page, followed by a email submission on the following landing pages

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


The video was very pixelated. I would add an overlay to the hero to make the text stand out. I feel like the video and the text are competing and I am unsure what I am supposed to look at.

I find the course section a little overwhelming. There are just so many options.

I would have the Request More Information form in its own section instead of to the side. Again, I just feel like it’s competing with the course section.

In the Paralax section, the CTA bar is the same colour as the background so you can’t actually see that it’s clickable. The background is also pixelated. I am not a fan of the text background. I would probably put another overlay over the background image and had dark text. Or remove the background image and have it be a solid colour with coloured text.

The section before the footer doesn’t have any text in it.

Clicking on the course links takes me off the landing page, which means I most likely wont return to the LP to convert on the form.

There is a whole lot of text before the form (and on the whole page). It is just a lot of reading which I am most likely not wanting to do.

In the FAQ section, I am not a fan of how its laid out. I do like that style, but not for an FAQ. I just find each box is competing for my attention and I am not sure what to look at first.

Overall the page it good, I just think it needs to be simplified and cleaned up.


Hello Again, @lukeyconrad27!

Love that you are out here utilizing the community :slight_smile:

Again, @jbragg made some good points.

Here are some additional comments:

  • I would try and avoid the “microsite” design and instead utilize the idea of a landing page. I highly recommend creating a campaigns for each course and then a specific landing page for each one so the message match is more on point. In addition, you could even remove the course field in the form as you could set the value in a hidden field in the editor - eliminating a step for the user.

  • I see you have Hotjar installed on your site. Make sure to check that out to see where users are clicking and how far down the are scrolling on your page. With this much information, you can narrow down what is most important to users and try to eliminate what is not.

  • The way you have headers within a bold colored block makes it difficult to decipher between buttons and headers. The red button definitely stands out more, but with the entire page being full of squares and rectangles, I may tone other parts of the page down.

  • I would test the video with a photo, and perhaps start/stop the video at different points, so you are not seeing the pixelated part in the beginning nor the text section at the end.

  • If you do keep the courses the way they are structured now, you could remove, “Short Courses” that is on every photo and call more attention to the actual courses.

  • In the hero section, I think you could remove “Join Over 1,200 Students On Their Learning Journey” - I don’t see that as a bold statement or reason to join. Is that total per semester, overall? Just a bit confusing.

  • If you can, get some testimonials for the university (that might be what is above your footer as I see a quote, but there is nothing else there). If you can get these put them a little higher on the page.

  • Something I think may help the page stand out for the FAQ is to have the question displayed on the box, then show the answer on hover - you could add a cool effect to it as well if you are experienced with custom dev.

  • Definitely test the form in different locations on the page (one in the header, one in a lightbox, in its own section etc.) - I would move it up on the mobile version.

  • It is missing a favicon

  • Lastly, make sure to take a good look into GA - see who your audience is and what devices they are on and design tests based on that.

A lot of my experience stems from higher education landing pages. Feel free to message me and we can chat more!