Landing Page Feedback: Paid Search


This landing page has a very high conversion rate but I want to freshen it up a bit! I still see a lot of room for improvement but would appreciate a new eye on it.

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Trying to take over the document scanning and get it uploaded to their digital environment for them.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Paid Search

3: What is your conversion goal?
Fill out the form for a free quote

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


I think this is a pretty good base!

I would have a full hero section - this could be personal preference, but I also have had success with full screen heros.

I would run an a/b test having the form in a lightbox. I find I usually get a 20% increase in conversions by moving the form to the lightbox. with having it in a lightbox as well you can see the drop off rate by the number of users clicking on the lighbox vs number of users actually filling out the form. It kind of gives you an idea if there is something with the form you need to change up. Lately, if you put the form in a lightbox I would also have a section at the bottom of the page as well with a CTA.

Is the testimonial image a stock image? It just doesn’t seem overly trustworthy to me.

I really like the document scanning section but I would like it higher on the page so I know exactly how this works without having to go through the whole page.

I would add some information to the Footer (company name, address, logo, etc) just to make it look more ‘legit’.

You are missing the favicon - this just helps build trust before the page even loads.

If you are good with testing out script, I would add some false bottoms/angled sections to the background. I think it just looks more appealing - again that could just be person preference.


Hi there, @mfisher!

A couple items to add to @jbragg’s response above…

  • There are a few items on mobile that are a bit out of place - namely the form - the fields appear out of the boundaries of the box you placed them in.

  • I agree that you need a footer - include the logo and such but also a privacy statement.

  • Test out a different form button - perhaps, “Get Your Quote” could work better.

  • Is there a contrasting color you could add to your palette? It could be good to use in the form area (button, background, etc)

  • In the hero section - place a photo of the scanning process in the background and keep the blue overlay. It will enforce the purpose of the company.

  • Some sort of of directional cue to the form would work well too!

Lastly, make sure to test, test, test!
If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


Here’s what I’d tweak after a quick review:

  • Cut the form down. I imagine you can’t actually supply a quote based on the data they submit anyway. Less is more with forms. Try to limit it to four fields. Secure the lead then qualify.
  • Add placeholders to the form fields.
  • Add a stronger form button CTA. You should be able to understand what you’re getting from the button copy e.g. ‘Secure my FREE Quote now’.
  • Directional cues to the form.
  • Contrasting button colour as it’s hidden currently. I’d suggest Orange.
  • Explain the guarantee in more detail e.g. Money back?
  • Ensure good message match from Paid search
  • Add terms and privacy policy to the footer
  • Sharpen the icons/logo with .SVGs (Unbounce now supports them)

Good luck and I hope that helps.



You’re missing a huge opportunity with your headline. It’s boring and does not hit on many of the key reasons an office would want to have their documents scanned.

Buried in paper, can’t find the documents you need when you need them? Know that you really should have everything scanned but don’t have the time or resources to do it in-house? We make it easy. And we take privacy very seriously.

Then hit on the key points. How many years exactly have you been doing this?

What the heck is 3.4 errors per million - what does that mean? No lost documents, no documents out of order…?

Testimonials should hit on details fo the job "Our storage room was overflowing with documents going back years, we couldn’t find anything and were wasting tons of space. With Databanks, digitizing everything was super easy. Now everything is in one place, we can find what we need and we actually have room in the storage room for our office supplies.

Make fields on form higher.

Submit button, really? How about “Yes, I want a quote!”