Landing page feedback needed :)


Hi guys,

We would appreciate your feedback on our landing page: (

Thank you!


It’s a very visually-appealing page, Tammy.

How is it converting?

If you want some things to test, consider adding testimonials, video content, trust logos.

Also, it doesn’t appear that is is an Unbounce page. Are you considering using Unbounce for any of your future landing page designs?


Hey Tammy,

Agreed with Nicholas! Very visually-appealing, however it looks more like micro-site vs a landing page to me :slight_smile:


Hey Tammy,

I agree with others. Your page will do with testimonials, a video, trust logos, social proof, etc.

The page is well-designed and I like the looks of it. But honestly, that won’t mean a thing unless it converts.

Unless you purposefully built the page on Unbounce and wanted it to function like your website, you can ignore the following. But if you are looking to get sales for your products, I recommend you do this:

Traffic --> Landing Pages (A/B testing) --> Signup & get on your list --> Nurture list --> Sell

You can experiment all you want, and it’d be wasted if you don’t follow that (except for some extreme cases, which I am still trying to discover).

Coming to your page:

  1. There’s a lot going on (as far as landing page rules are concerned). It looks and feels like a website. Now, the trouble with websites is that there’s always a lot going on. About, who, why, what, galleries, blogs, contact us, and all that jazz. Landing pages are supposed to be focused.

  2. Consider getting a Separate landing page for men, and a separate landing page for women. Have your “buy now” buttons setup on each of those pages separately.

  3. Further to point 2, I don’t even think you would want someone to come through from somewhere (like a PPC ad) and then you sit back and hope that they buy (because they might not. If they do, it’s called “chance”).

Instead, have them signup for “something” that you can “give away”.

How about a simple PDF guide to start building your list?

For Men
– The Short Guide to Proper Grooming
– A Man’s Swiss Army Knife Guide To Better Health

For Women
– X Secrets To Make Your Skin Shine
– 5 Essential Ingredients That’ll Change How You look, Forever

Make a singular offer. Have people signup. You can sell later with email marketing

4.The top navigation should go**. You’d want to use an actual website or membership area for “login”. FAQ can be included within the page (using modals?), and the “ingredients” can make for a nice giveaway maybe.

5.Finally, no social media buttons on the front-facing landing page. You can include these on the thank you page after they signup.

What do you say?


Hi Tammy, I agree with what the rest already wrote. What i liked and do not know how to do in Unbounce are these + buttons that opens up more info like on the womens page. What function did you use here? Thx! Success Thomas