Landing Page Feedback for an eBook


Hello - I am looking for any and all feedback for this landing page -

The user is coming from a facebook ad so mobile is of most importance.

Thank you!


Hey Adam!

I’m happy to throw my two cents in the ring. :moneybag:

This page has a lot of really great content, but I might suggest re-arranging some of it. The icons at the bottom are really strong, I think those should be above the fold, especially because they give a lot of information to the users who don’t want to read too much text.

I’d also suggest turning the phone number into a Call Now button, you can choose a different call-to-action on the button, but we have a quick how-to guide to set up a button to make a phone call when a user is on mobile. You can also include a phone number elsewhere on the site, but keep in mind that a large number of viewers would be seeing this on mobile, as you mentioned. Here’s a link to how to set up a phone call from your landing page:

We also have some instructions for adding a Favicon to your landing page. I suggest that everyone building a landing page include a Favicon to give their page a sense of credibility and completeness. Here’s a link to that:

That’s what I’ve got for now to start, let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything here. I’m sure the @Unbounce-Experts will have something to add as well.

Cheers :beers:


Hi Adam,

First off, nice page! I like the overall simplicity of it. And I agree with everything @jess has recommended. Here are just a few more quick tips you might want to test:

  1. Try using the actual logo for the company at the top, in the upper left, instead of just text. This will help create more credibility and trustworthiness for the page. You have the logo lower on the page, so maybe just move it up and replace the text at the top.

  2. Test out different main headlines. The one you have now “Get your free doctor’s guide…” is very “features”-driven, but you might want to try something more “benefits” driven. For example, how will the guide help someone? How will it impact their day or their life? Something like “Learn how to improve the quality of your doctor’s visits and save more money at the same time!” That’s a very long and rough example, and you can surely improve upon it. But the idea is to not focus on the guide or “getting the guide” but rather on what the guide represents and how it will transform someone from a before-state to an after-state.

  3. Related to this point, also consider changing the header directly above the form. Right now it is the same text as the button call-to-action. You’ll want to vary these two, so that the encapsulated form can stand on it’s own. In other words, if someone only saw the form box area and nothing else, would they still know what the page is offering?

  4. Also, consider adding some images of people to the page. Right now, there are just graphics, but no photos. I think it would help give the page more personality. Maybe a photo of a doctor-patient visit. This would help people visualize what you’re trying to offer.

  5. Lastly, consider adding a few trust logos of organizations the practice is affiliated with, and maybe some testimonials as well. These two items (trust logos and testimonials) are cornerstones of many great landing pages, and they seem to fit in really well with this type of page.

Well, hope some of this helps. Let us know if you have any questions and happy Unbouncing!


Thank you for the suggestions - I have implemented them today.


Thank you for your help - I implemented them all (besides the call button - that may take a bit to convince the client)


@Nicholas always chiming in with stellar, surefire conversion-boosting answers.

I love you, man. :heart:


Good concept, but for me you should try to make the Form much prominent in the other hands you have 3 Font Families in your Design (Open Sans, Roboto, Dancing Script).

Normally you define 1 Font for the headers 1 Font for the texts and paragraphs you have mixed font of one family in a paragraph and the next one with other font family.


I find most of what is below the fold to be difficult on my eyes. The logo placement just seems bizarre in its placement and its justification. And all the text under that is just long wide. I would recommend moving the logo to the left or right of the text and then place the text opposite that.