Landing page feedback for a web services company


Hi, would love to hear some feedback, it’s in portuguese for now, will have to work on the dutch and english versions when complete :slight_smile:



Wow, very nice page! I had to do a double-take at first, because I didn’t think it was Unbounce. You’ve really put some work into this. I am not sure what the copy says, so I can’t offer feedback on that, but fromt the layout, I like it.

The only thing that seems odd is the scrolling. It’s a bit sticky for me, not smooth and fluid. Are you using a script to alter the scroll speed?


Pedro this page is fantastic! I agree with @Nicholas that the scrolling is a tiny bit off, I’m assuming you’ve jazzed it up with some CSS. Did you implement the smooth scroll from this post below?

I’d make a slight adjustment to the scroll, it’s landing just off of where I’m wanting to get to on the page - but I don’t think you should remove it altogether.

I’m very impressed with how much content you’ve been able to include in this - you’ve clearly put a lot of time into this. And you’ve included a favicon! :heart_eyes: I am overjoyed! Way to go!