Landing Page Feedback - Finance Industry


Need some feedback on this landing page that I created for a financial management firm.
Thoughts? Ideas?

Keep in mind in this industry, we can’t solicit for testimonials…


Lisa, Welcome to the community!

I’ll give you my initial gut reaction to the page, and then some technical things you can work on.

When I first saw it, I didn’t get financial or wealth management. The feel was very “Nantucket resort”. Everything is “floating” and light, without the text I would have thought it was a vacation or travel related page. I’m not 100% sure how you change that feel in this framework, but those were just my initial reactions.

Now, the technical.

  1. You have obviously read about form first design, the problem is I can barely read that text. It needs to be darker or the white needs to be a higher opacity… or something.

  2. Make either email or phone not required. Pick the one that is most valuable, most likely you will get both but making them both required can hurt your conversion rates.

  3. At mobile, you have a lot of issues. There is a ton of white space between the blocks in the middle of the page. The logo bleeds off of the page, The 100% privacy we will never spam you bumps to the top of the form not underneath. Most of the info in the tan section at the bottom is unreadable as it bleeds off the canvas and you have to scroll left and right to read it.

It is a great start. But it can be refined to really give you some results. How are you sending traffic to the page? 

Best of luck!



Thanks Joe! I’m using Facebook ads to drive traffic. in 12 days only 1 conversion, so the issues you point out are valuable!