Landing Page Feedback - Conversion Rates Growing, Quality Score Tanking


Hi Everyone! If you’re seeing this let me first say thanks for your time.

I’ve been running the AdWords account for my company for ~6 months now, and in that time the number of demo/pricing request conversions we’ve had has more than tripled. Not just quantity, but the quality as well. I thought things were all gravy until our Google Rep sent me a “Hornet Report”, which is a really amazing report reps have access to with tons of info on your account.

What caught my eye in the report is a look at our quality score broken out by the top three factors and our performance, trailing the pack being “Landing Page”

Here’s an example page ranking for the terms like “increase ecommerce product reviews” -

I thought with conversions going up so too would QS, but not the case. I know that I should be happy with the conversions and worry less about QS, but both would be better.

Thank you in advance for any critiques you’d be willing to lend!


Hey Michael,

Just took a look at your page, and here’s some quick feedback:

  1. I checked it out on desktop and mobile, and on mobile it seems to be loading the desktop version. This alone could be killing your landing page experience, if you’re serving a non-mobile-optimized page to mobile visitors. What’s your traffic breakdown? Mostly mobile? Regardless, I would double check your page settings to make sure you’re using the mobile version.

  2. Overall I think you have a nice clean look to the page. Your use of white space is great. I would recommend however, making your call-to-action button pop out more, by using a contrasting color. Right now, the button just blends into the background. I would go with maybe an orange. It should be highly-visible, even when squinting at the page. And repeat the CTA at the bottom of the page.

  3. The same can be said about your form. It’s great that you’ve encapsulated it with the border, but maybe give it some more contrast from the rest of the page by changing the background color within that border/box.

  4. As for the testimonials, nice to see you have some on the page, but I’d take it a step further and include names and photos if possible, to show the authenticity behind each testimonial.

  5. The page on desktop seems pretty wide. It was getting cut off on my laptop. I’d consider reducing the overall width of the page some more to optimize the desktop experience for an average screen size.

  6. Moving on to copy, the headline is rather long. I’d go with something much shorter, and more benefits driven.

  7. The same can be said about the paragraph that follows the headline. I had to read it a few times, and I still don’t fully understand exactly what Power Reviews does. I would shorten it, maybe even down to just 3 bullets. The way you know you nailed the headline is when you can run a “5 second test” and get a majority of people successfully telling you what the page it about.

  8. Overall, the page doesn’t really explain how Power Reviews is different from similar services. And what exactly does it do? Is it a tool for getting reviews, or is it a service that will get the reviews for you? I was left with a lot of questions at the end. I would try to answer as many of those questions as possible on the page, ideally through video or images.

  9. And last but not least, it might be the offer itself that is causing such a low score. In other words, the offer needs to be good to keep people on-page and engaged. In this case, “schedule a demo” is kind of bland. Nobody really wants a demo. It takes time, it needs to be coordinated. It’s just not fun. So I’d test out some other opt-in offers. Maybe “get access to our 15 minute product demo webinar” or “download our free ebook on 10 ways to leverage user generated content on your site.” Something that takes less of a time commitment from the visitor.

Well, I hope these suggestions help. As with everything, just test, test, test, to see what works and let the results guide the way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :fire:


Wow - really blown away by this Nicholas! All of this feedback is fantastic. I’m actually hard at work now incorporating your feedback. If you’re curious I’d be happy to share the next iteration!


@Nicholas you absolute legend! Really holding up your reputation for giving the most stellar feedback for landing pages! Even with jet lag! LOVE IT!


@MPatterson22 awesome to hear that, Michael. Looking forward to seeing the next version.

@Jess yeah, just got in at 1am this morning, and had a call at 10am, so it’s been a busy day for sure. But the work must go on! :nerd_face:


@Nicholas is the resident Design + CRO expert here in the Community. Blown away, as usual. :fire:

@MPatterson22 how are the revisions coming along? I’d love to see how this turned out for you!