Landing Page - feedback (Cleaning Service)

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Get as many lead as possible (Asking people to fill out the form)

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Social Media, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
Get as many people to fill out the membership form

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

I won’t comment on specific wording, because I’m going from a translated version, but it should be close enough to get the gist of the overall messaging. And I do have some suggestions along those lines.

The first thing I would do is align the messaging with the offer. It appears that the page is about your services but the call-to-action is to sign up for discount vouchers. If that is your offer, then the page should be about that. You can feature information about the services, but it should be in the context of how the user can use the vouchers.

I would also spell out the offer details a bit more. What is the frequency of the vouchers? Is it one just one time, or is it the type of thing where they will get offers throughout the year?

You may want to consider testing a simpler form with less fields to reduce friction. Some people may be wary of providing a phone number, for instance.

Adding a bit of social proof would help as well. Do you have any testimonials you could add?

Best of luck.


Hey @grouph_revou!

+1 to a lot of the things that @SeanKirby covered. If you are offering a discounted service/voucher than I would to pivot the contents of your page around that. You could also maybe point out the regular price to highlight how much people are saving versus your standard pricing. People love a deal!

I would also maybe look into using some larger images (for the ‘Services’ section at least) - the images themselves are probably fine, but making them larger could help visitors see that these are actual photos of your team working versus thumbnails you might have saved/grabbed elsewhere.

Which is okay too, don’t get me wrong, but I think making them a bit bigger here would be beneficial.

Social proof would also be an excellent addition here for something like a cleaning service. Or maybe even some before/after photos if you have any on-hand. What are some success stories you and your business have?

I initially thought that your page was advertising an industrial cleaning service (the person at the top of the page looks like he is getting ready for some heavy duty work!) so if you do offer more residential services for the everyday person, you could maybe include some more images of people doing smaller scale work to show that you offer that kind of range of services.

A great start though!


Hi @grouph_revou!

Great points by @SeanKirby and @Alex. I’d just like to add something to what they suggested.

Reading thorugh the page, it seems like ‘security’ is one of the main concerns of the visitors coming to this LP. If this is correct, I’d consider mentioning about the LiveKlin feature above the fold to address this issue.

The opt-in form can be optimised even further by matching the CTA to the headline. So, for instance, the CTA could be ‘Get myself a free 100,000 voucher’ or something along those lines to reassure the visitor that they’re opting in for the right thing.

Additionally, some reassuring statements near the CTA like ‘we won’t give away your personal information’ will further boost the confidence of those opting in since it requires pretty sensitive information like location.

That’s all from me.


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