Landing Page Feedback appreciated please


Hi Everyone, Its
A stop-smoking service
Most visitors on mobile devices coming from FB ads.
Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

This page is looking great so far, what did you build it with? I really like the nav at the top, I wouldn’t change that at all.

On the hero image, where you have the form and the description of the service, I’d put that whole section into one box with a low opacity. Much like the way you’ve placed the testimonial on that blue background, maybe try expanding that box so that the whole section is in that blue box. It will help organize the content I think.

I’d also make “live smoke free” much larger. That’s a great call to action.

Also, as a rule of thumb I suggest avoiding putting logos onto dark backgrounds. So in the footer, I would change that dark background to white if you’re going to include the Brian Healy logo.

Give that a go and let us know if your conversions change. :relaxed:


Hey @Scannan,

Nice page! In addition to the awesome feedback pointed out by @jess, I made a quick video with some additional optimization suggestions for you.



Hi Nicholas,

Wow, that was amazing, thanks for going to all that trouble.
That was way beyond what hoped for, or expected.
I love the idea of just one page with no navigation.
So, do you mean just one long scrollable landing page with all the info of the other pages vlock after block?
I appreciate your time and advice, thanks again, awesome!


Hey @Scannan,

Yes, typically, you’d want to have all of the info you visitor needs on one page, in order to keep them focused on the task at hand (opting-in). Obviously, you want to be selective with the content, and only include what is absolutely necessary. Every block should lead them closer to the decision to convert.