Landing Page Designer

Custom App Creators ( is getting into the landing page space. We are on the hunt for a contracted landing page designer to seize this department and run with it.

Our clients are primarily industrial/manufacturing types. They aren’t sophisticated or even familiar with landing pages. They rely on what we say and wait for their end-of-month reports. As we shift gears, we are entering markets in Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Montreal.

Work from the office, work from home…your choice. We phoned Unbounce and asked about rates and what’s fair and they gave us some hiring guidelines. We will be signing up for an Unbounce account as soon as we find our person.

You’ll notice on the site that we are primarily an app programming house but we also do websites, landing pages, web development and web video. If you are talented in those areas, we’d love to meet you. We have grand plans for the Landing Page department however, so we will start there.

To apply, a simple email hello will do, leading to a phone conversation leading to a resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

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I would love to assist you with your requirements. A five-minute chat would be helpful. looking for your reply, thank you.

Luis vane

Can you send me a number or email?

Call me 604-791-2881 or email me here.

@CustomAppCreators, I have sent you a PM regarding my contact information, please check.

Are you here in Canada?

I am located in India.

I need somebody on Canadian soil. We are aware of offshore resources but for this position it has to be Canadian or American.

ok @CustomAppCreators no problem,

but if you need any offshore services in future, you can contact me anytime you want.

thank you