Landing page design marketplace [Implemented]



Great idea for the community and company: landing page design marketplace

I’m sure it’s something that you’ve already thought of, but if users could purchase a stock layout landing page for $5-10, it would be well worth the expense. Similar to Theme Forest, but specific to Unbounce.


Hi Vitaliy! Yeah, that *may* have come up in discussion a time or two around here. Love the idea, and will definitely keep it in mind, thanks!


That’s brilliant! I have been looking around for Unbounce themes. Would really be the icing on the cake here!


Great minds think alike Vitaliy. I have the same enhancement request on my blog review of unbounce :slight_smile:…


Noob here. Is there an alternative to the stock themes that unbounce offers? is there no way to install the themeforest ones?


Do it! :slight_smile: Sounds like an awesome idea… I think we should make a bit more noise about this as I am sure it will be a great idea for Unbounce.


This would make Unbounce without question the KING of landing pages. More than it already is. Imagine how many people would flock just because it’s that easy to get your landing pages custom designed… IDK


this is a GREAT idea!


great idea!


I was just about to post the same question. This could be a great boost to your sales and retaining of customers.

You could even go the “quality-control” route and have designers submit their ideas to you (according to a few guidelines). From there, you can accept/reject them, or even give suggestions of how it can be improved. That way, you can keep quality control and make sure that each of your customers get a good experience with conversions.


Very good idea ! +1


This would be awesome.


I’m all for it


In addition to a theme forest style community, it’d be great if we could also have an easy 1-click to setup landing pages created from communities like DesignPax.


I see this suggestion was made about an year ago - are there any plans to begin implementing this feature in the near future?


first off, Unbounce keep up the awesom work, love your solutions
Landing page design marketplace = great idea


Unbounce is awesome and all, but they sound like they are pretty busy. So, if there was a third party service that could convert a theme forest single page landing page template to unbounce? Assuming an average template price of $10 + $X for porting it to unbounce, what should X be? How much would you pay if you could have a theme forest template ported to your unbounce account? Would you want to pick from themeforest, or would a catalog of 20-30 theme forest landing page templates to pick from be sufficient? The pre-established catalog business would have a cheaper fee for porting the template to unbounce than it would for you to be able to pick any template from themeforest. Thoughts?


Try over two years ago! This is a must-have :slight_smile:


What’s interesting to me, is that there hasn’t been any response to the idea of a service you could pay that would port a template to unbounce. Which in my mind makes me think it’s not REALLY as important as people are saying it is. I know that any reasonably priced service that makes my life easier as an employee or a boss or whatever, I’m willing to pay for. However it doesn’t seem like people are willing to pay for this, which seems to imply it doesn’t have much value as a free or a paid service. Just my thoughts.


People are willing to pay for it, it’s just a matter of oppurtonity cost. They rather that 3rd party companies in the market provide this service. It isn’t a core competency of theirs. Try, they do landing pages and turn existing PSD files into Unbounce pages for $250.