Landing Page Critique


Hello Everyone, I would be very grateful for your feedback on our latest landing page:

We are a video production company and our niche is associations. Conferences are the biggest events of the year for most associations and there is always a lot of pressure for increased attendance. We receive almost all of our traffic advertising on Facebook, followed by LinkedIn articles.

We just started using landing pages (and Unbounce) about three months ago and have seen good success with our first page . We use the page to share ideas and our work at the same time.

I still have a lot to learn and I am taking in everything I can get me hands on. The resources on Unbounce and this community have been helpful. Your feedback is very much appreciated!


You need to keep the price off the top of the page.  Tell them about it and then tell them the price after you establish value. Good work otherwise, nice page.


Hi Jenn, thank you for your feedback! I went back and forth with adding the price at the top of the page. Originally we only had it at the bottom. My thought with displaying it so early and prominently was to make the price a selling point.  In other words something to brag about.

Is this the type of thing that would be good for A/B testing?


Hi Jim,

Sorry for arriving late at the party !

I really like your page, and the service you’re offering. This is great challenge - how is the page performing for you at the moment ?

Here are some initial thoughts ;

  1. Absolutely agree on price issue that Jenn raised. I would perform two tests. First - test with price at the top and price at bottom. Second - take winning variant - and test against a variant with NO price on there. This would be very interesting. Your service I’m sure is very competitive - but it would be good to experiment with more of a ‘get in touch so we can find out more’ kind of CTA - and see how that works against having a price there. You might see an increase in volume of leads - however the lead quality may also be affected.
  2. I wonder whether the header ‘Six Essential Videos For Associations’ could be changed to ‘Six Essential Videos For Any Conference’ ? In my mind by using the word ‘associations’ you’re excluding a lot of other potential customers - but then I’m based in the UK and maybe is a language gap ? I get that you’re called Associate Studios - so maybe that’s the link ?
  3. I also wonder if the text explaining each of the six videos could be distilled more ? It’s possible that key bullet points would be easier and quicker to read.
  4. I would seriously consider removing the ‘meet your team’ section - and replacing this with a social proof section. It’s too early in the sales process for me to be meeting your team - I’ve not even decided if I want to work with you yet ! I could meet the team later - or maybe that’s for the website ? Social proof however is missing - and that’s imperative for a good landing page, especially in your sector. At the bottom you say that you’ve produced 1000’s of videos, so I’d be really keen to see some testimonials from people you’ve done videos for - and maybe links to them.
  5. I also would think about maybe adding a page header - with your number in and making is fixed/sticky. This means that wherever the visitor is on your page, your phone number is always visible. There’s an awesome article in the community here.
  6. And one small thing - your privacy policy on my browser is falling onto the next line.
    Hope all that helps Jim ! Be great to hear your thoughts …




My thoughts:

I think your headline + subhead are off.  By themselves, they don’t really tell me what’s on offer. It doesn’t hit because the superlatives/claims (“ultimate”, “must-have”, “increase engagement and revenue”) mean nothing when I have no idea what you’re selling or what’s great about it.  Instead of this:

HL: "The Ultimate Conference Video Package"
SH: “Six must-have videos to increase engagement and revenue for only $9900”

How about something like this:

HL:  "Your conference needs video "
SH:  “Get 6 custom videos filmed & produced for one low price”

Then, instead of just jumping in to the list of 6 things, maybe an intro to follow up on the headline and subhead.  I’d answer the question why these are must-have in a more macro sense. Needs something to make them want to continue & read those blurbs about the different videos. 

Good luck