Landing Page Critique


I would like your feedback about the new landing page I created. I look forward to all your feedback.


Hello Matt,

I will be reviewing this later today in detail and I am sure others will soon!





I look forward to the feedback.




Hey Matt, how are you?

Some sugestions:

  1. Seems to me that a green background with a white font color decrease the contrast, so, it is not good for reading
  2. Your call to action background (Free Consultation) have the same color of the background (green) and this decreases the contrast, so, it is not good to view
  3. You need to guide the user for your objective, and seems to me that the heading “Welcome users~” doesn’t guide the users to your objective

Gustavo De Mari


Hi Matt,

I hope you find the following notes useful:

  • What is the intention of have “Quality - Value - Partnership - Transparency” in the top right corner?  Could this prime digital real estate be used to capture the users attention?
  • I assume that this is a specific landing page created for users who have seen a review or ad about your company by the company Hosting Review?  If so, this is a very reassuring welcome for the users of Hosting Review.  My only concern would be, are you sacrificing any potential message match by using this as the headline?  If so, could you take advantage of message match in the headlines and utilize the current headline as the sub-headline?
  • Will having the small white text on top of the green intro banner background create a readability issue?
  • There appears to be a word cut off at the bottom of the paragraph in the intro banner (at least in Safari)
  • What is the objective of that paragraph in the intro banner?  Why should your reader continue to learn more after that paragraph?
  • What could you do to have the form capture more attention?  Stronger form overlay? 
  • I notice that the form submit button is wider than the other elements.  Is this intentional?
  • I notice that email comes before first name and last name?  Is this meeting users expectations?
  • Have you tried any other form submit button copy?  i.e. Get My Hosting
  • Is there any visual transition you could have that would ease the switch from testimonials to your difference?
  • Might there be better core benefits than the ones listed in your core beliefs?
  • You don’t find out exactly what your company is above the fold?  Could establishing that you are a 24/7 data center above the fold be beneficial?  That may be asserted in the referring source so only you can determine how important that is.
  • Could there be more relevant benefits in the parallax closing banner?  Keep asking why does this matter to my customer.
  • Would the page look more professional with a dark colored footer?
  • In the parallax closing banner there is the word GIZM… vertically watermarked.
  • Why should your customer act now?
  • What will your customer get in this consultation?
    All of the notes above are well-intended feedback.  Feel free to shoot me over a message at if you need any further tips.

Best of luck,



Whoa, Joe! This is spot on! Someone’s been following the Unbounce blog and indulging in some of our e-courses. :wink:


Thank you Joe for such a through response. I know this will be helpful to a lot of people, including myself!