Landing Page Critique - Ideas for testing


I would love feedback for our PPC landing page. Our lead magnet is our Jumpstart Package which will give you a more in-depth look at our product. Our obvious goal is to gain quality leads. Anything you recommend testing or changing completely? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


I’ll weigh in…

It seems very interesting (I have 3 kids in school so I have been hit with a bunch of fundraising stuff over the years).

What exactly is raise craze? I have read the page several times and nothing tells me what exactly you do? Is all of that info in the video? I watched the video but w/out sound and I get that it is new and different but I didn’t see anything that told me what exactly you did. I tried to skip around a bit but still didn’t see it.

It is a good looking page, the cta is great, but what I think is missing is a little more clarity or a use case. Are you using dynamic text replacement (assuming by PPC you mean AdWords). 

Have you considered facebook ads? Lots of educators on facebook and with some custom audience targeting, carousel ads etc you could see some good returns.

Those are my $0.02 thoughts.

Good luck!!



Not clear exactly who you are and if you are offering a free package it should be more clear on several levels. Love the look of the page and the video.



The page looks great to me! I understand this to be a place where I could sign up and have my kids use your service/platform to help them fundraise for their specific events. It looks pretty clear to me. And your page & download look excellent. Not much to critique. Good luck!


Joe, Steve, and Gary, Thank you so much for your feedback! We made some updates regarding the explanation. We have tested the form fields, the headlines, and the video vs. a still picture. If there is anything else you all recommend testing, please let us know. Also, please let us know if we can help you all in any way. Again, sincerely appreciate the feedback!


Hi Andrea,
 The page is clean,looks nicely designed and has a good eye path. Maybe try to find a little more clarity in explaining how it works. Info graphic or a 1,2 3… etc. It’s a great idea and a super page. good luck, (test test test :o) )


Hi Andrea,

You guys have done an excellent job at prioritising page content and laying out your content in a easy, effortless way.

Here’s a couple of things I think would instantly lift the page:

1. Add ‘Parallax Scrolling’ to your edge-to-edge header image
Select the module, on the right panel under “Select Image”, enable “Parallax Scrolling”. This will add some dimension  and energy to the page, making it feel slightly less linear. 

2. Consider using more punchy colours for your CTAs (call to action buttons)
I think maybe a pastel shade of red would lift these and draw some urgency to your actions - increasing your conversion rate. Your current CTAs are fairly passive and don’t prompt me to action your page.

3. Consider your top navigation bar
I feel like your page header is missing some content on the right. Maybe add a small-ish contact number or email address with matching icons? This will just fill the header out slightly and give further detail of the organisation.

4. Stick with 2 or 3 colours
I would highly recommend removing the purple text and outline on the capture form. Pages work best when the branding is limited to a select colour palate, helping to keep the page clean and consistent. 

5. Consider the size of your text
I’d be tempted to maybe make your copy content an ever so slightly smaller font. This will make your headings and key points stand out and give the tight compact text more room to breathe. 

6. Adjust the size and aggression of your capture form
I think your capture form would benefit from smaller entry fields and some small tidying up, such as centralising the title and definitely making the submit button smaller. The current capture form dominates the page and with these adjustments, I think it would fit neater. 

Apart from that, I think you have done a cracking job! Your video is outstanding and drew me in straight away!! 

Best of luck.