Landing Page (Content Outline Feedback)



Just wanted to get some feedback on my content outline I have planned for my landing sales page.
For those that did not see my first post on my ideas behind this, I basically plan to offer a service that involves designing landing pages for small businesses and startups but to present this service in the form of my own landing page instead of a website with multiple pages and links.

Giant Hero

  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Supporting Text
  • Hero Image
  • Call to Action (Get a free quote)

Addressing the Problem

  • Explainer Text which outlines the problem of Bad LPs
  • Checklist of pain points that clients are experiencing such as:
  • High Bounce Rates /
  • Expensive Ad Words Budget not delivering expected results
  • New offers and promotions are not getting desired attention
  • Reinforcement of my call to Action

Present the Benefits of how my service can help

  • Outline 3 core benefits of choosing my service and how this will favour the client.
  • Affordable Service
  • Attract Higher Quality Leads
  • Convert leads into Customers

Download our FREE 10 point checklist for high converting

  • Supporting Text
  • Product shot of front cover
  • Email field with Download button

The Working Client Process

  • Take clients through the 3-4 steps of process of so they know what to expect at each stage
  • Provide a few notes on each step and the reasons behind it
  • Explain what the deliverable will be to the client for that step in the process

Contact Form

  • Supporting Text - invitation to get in touch
  • Email capture form with CTA button.

You will probably notice that I left out things like Testimonials, Case Studies, Portfolio, etc for the simple reason that I don’t have any previous work experience of doing this as a solo freelancer but obviously I’m trying to learn what I can about it and hope that it’s enough to get my first few clients through the door.

Feedback would be much welcome