Landing Page advice

My name is Greger and I work as a marketing manager at a Swedish ITSM Company . This fall we will create many landing pages and for us this is the first time. Do you have any good advice on what you should focus on. I will also test Unbounce.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Greger, welcome to the community :tada:

I’m really excited to hear that you’re going to be using landing pages for your marketing efforts in the fall! Rather than give you a sales pitch on Unbounce, I just have 1 question which might make it easier for others to share their insights with you.

What kind of campaigns are you planning on running? Lead gen? PPC? Click-through?

I’ll leave it to the marketers in this community to share their advice with you, and I’ll make sure someone from our Berlin office sees this post as it might make it a bit easier to be in the same time zone :smiley:

Thanks for reaching out!