Landing and Thank You pages


Good day unbouncers!

I was wondering if it is possible to link thank you pages to the landing pages that I have built. I have read the web hook article. Would I have to use that same method in order to accomplish this feat?

Please let me know which is the best method to do this.

Thank you in advance,



Hello Fred - depending what you hope to achieve, it could even be simpler than that.

To direct your visitors to a custom thank you page, you just need to change the form’s action from ‘Show Confirmation Dialog’ to ‘Go to Another Webpage’ instead. You can have a look in Unbounce Answers at… for more specific information on setting this up.

If I misunderstood and what you hope to achieve is something else altogether, be sure to let me know.


Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your rapid response, even though I am reading it a bit later than you had posted.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I tried looking for it but could not find it. The link was very helpful and you guys are giving great service thus far.

My next goal will be to integrate the webhooks to parse data from the forms to an email. Seems simple enough but lets see!!!