Landgin Page Vriant duplicate?


Hi support,

I need to duplicate a landing page as a variant under another landing page. Is it possible to do that


Hi Shaikul. Right now the only way to duplicate an existing variant in a new test is to promote that variant to ‘Champion’ and then use the ‘Duplicate Page’ function in the gear menu on your dashboard (see attached image.)

Obviously this means you are creating a new test (using your existing variant as a starting point) rather than adding the variant to another test you might already have started.

Hope this helps get you to where you need to be. We are planning to introduce more complex duplication options in the future.



Ok Fine… How can i promote a challenger variant as a champion… Where that options lies in that…


Hi Shaikul - to promote a variant to ‘Champion’ you use the gear menu for that variant in the page overview screen (see attached.)

Its important to remember that the page must be published in order for you to be able to do this.



Thanks for ur reply. But my suggestion would be like listing all the created landing pages and variants under template selection for new landing page.

This would be an better idea to solve these things. I think this will work better and make our life easier


Many thanks for the suggestions Shaikul!

Features that allow better management of variants and pages are very much on our radar for the coming months - we will make sure you suggestions are put into the mix.

Making life better for our customers is what its all about!



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your consideration. But i am sure that this will help a lot in page duplication. After a user is going to duplicate his own page where ever he wants.

Look to see this change in Unbounce soon.