Keeping track of the source website through a single unbounce landing page


We run advertising campaigns on two different websites, but would like to use a single unbounce landing page for each campaign to minimize duplicate work/maintenance.

What can we do to be able to track the success of advertising on one site versus the other site? It there a way to pass on the referrer (or a URL parameter) to the outgoing link on the landing page?
Other solutions that enable us to see which traffic came from which site?



Hi Carl,
Yes it does answer my question. I already included GA code for that. Source tracking from within unbounce would be a very welcome feature though, since we do some internal tracking as well, but this will work for now.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Glad to hear it Mark!


Not really helpful to find out conversions for different sources. And goal setting in GA is a pain…


Hi there! Until we add segmentation/source tracking features, the best way to do this is to integrate something like Google Analytics (see our FAQ for instructions on adding GA code to your Unbounce page). GA can then easily break down the traffic sources to the landing page.

Does that help answer your question?


  • Carl