Keeping Hosting within Unbounce, is it possible to create a blog within Unbounce?


If I want to keep my hosting within Unbounce, is there a way to create a blog? Any ideas here? Does anyone have any page templates or examples they’d be willing to share? 



Any ideas at all? I’m trying to avoid paying for hosting and setting up a separate wordpress. Plus I want to keep the same brand design across all my properties, so it’s so much easier to do that in unbounce.


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Hey Zane,

To be honest, trying to host a blog on Unbounce wouldn’t be ideal. It really isn’t made for that type of implementation, since it is not a content management system.

However, you could link to a blog from an Unbounce page that you host elsewhere. If you don’t want to go the WordPress route, I’d recommend They have a great blogging platform. You could create a Medium blog and then link to it from your Unbounce pages.

But ideally, Unbounce should be used for conversion-focused landing pages rather than blogs, and to help you split test your pages until you find the perfect variant.

Best of luck with your blog!


Thanks for the advice!


Does anyone know about Domain Masking or If I can use Unbounce and blogging service at the sametime with the same domain? Or maybe have and Any context here would be helpful! Thanks!


Hi Zane,

Nicholas is spot on about Unbounce not being built for content/blog hosting.

Medium, Ghost or even Tumblr are great platforms that you can set up pretty quickly.

re: domains You can have your blog on a sub-domain and similarly to Unbounce add/adjust your DNS records to point to it.



Thanks. I realize that this isn’t what unbouce is for, but was hoping to limit the expansion of my tech stack haha. Thanks for the heads up! Appreciate it!