JW Player Embed


I’m having trouble embedding JW Player into a page. I’ve put the header tag in the page through the little java scripts function > then drag and drop the video window thing into the page but when I put in the code that JW gives me for the embedd the unbonce editor doesn’t recognize it. What am I missing?


Hey Kim - try embedding this code using the custom HTML widget rather than the video widget. This is a slightly different format of code than the video widget expects which is probably why it’s giving you grief.


Hey. I tried this bu it didn’t work. I did have a chat with one of your chat people this morning, who BTW, didn’t suggest this way to do it – anyhow it still doesn’t work. Is there any chance I can get on the phone with someone on this? I am in Vancouver - really need to get this working, I’ve been struggling with it for several days now.

Kim (604) 340-2270


Hey Kim - I’ve opened a support ticket for you and am going to dig around to see if I can get it to work myself. Once I’ve had the opportunity to test it, I’ll give you a shout and we can work through it together.


OK. Thanx.


Quick follow up Kim, I tested the script and it worked perfectly on my local machine once the page was published. It’s likely an issue with mixed content (http:// vs. https://) in preview mode.