Just Mailchimp Integration? What about Cheetahmail?


Are there any plans to integrate with Cheetahmail, as you currently are with Mailchimp? For those of us who are in contracts or happy with are current providers, it would be nice to provide this feature.


Hey there - we by no means plan to stop with MailChimp, there are a bunch of other email service providers out there that we have on our radar, and now we’ve added Cheetahmail to the list. Thanks for the feedback!


Great. Thanks for the update.


Do you happen to know when the Cheetahmail integration will be offered? This will ultimately likely hinge on whether or not I can use Unbounce for the long term.



Hi Carlton, we don’t have any ETA on Cheetahmail at this point, sorry. I’ll keep this thread in the loop when we figure that out though.

We do offer webhooks which is a callback to a URL of your choice when a form is submitted. If you have any development resources, you could wire up a call to Cheetamail’s API (I believe they have one, although it doesn’t look like it’s very public). We also have a CSV version of your leads that should be in a format for you to upload to their system.

I do understand that both of those solutions are not ideal (or even possible perhaps). Hope to update you soon…