Jquery Library - too old?


I noticed that unbounce has an old jquery library.

Are there any implications of adding a new library? Obviously adding more than 1 jquery library can have it’s problems, just wondering what they are?



Hi @erayner,

Multiple jQuert libraries add “weight” to your page and depending on what scripts you have running might affect them in funky ways.

You can disable the default library Unbounce uses and load your own, all through the JS editor in the page builder.



@Hristian thanks a bunch dude. :slight_smile:


Disabling the default jQuery library doesn’t prevent it from loading. It puts it into no-conflict mode. It still downloads for each visitor.

2 years ago, I mentioned the default jQuery library is 5 years old. If my math serves me, that means the jQuery version Unbounce uses is now 7 years old.