jQuery animation and mobile scrolling problem


I am using some custom jQuery and CSS to animate some page elements. When i scroll down the page the elements fade in from the left and right. I have it set up so that the animation does not trigger on the mobile version. Everything works fine except i cannot scroll down the page past a certain point on my mobile device.

Here is a preview link: http://unbouncepages.com/voxel/

Here is my code:


  /*Feature Section*/
#lp-pom-box-254 {

I apologize for the vague explanation,
Any help is appreciated.


Hi Alex, 

Sorry for the delay here! While we do monitor the community, we don’t really treat this as a reactive support channel. If you’re working on something time sensitive in the future the best way to get in touch would be via phone (1.888.515.9161) or email (support@unbounce.com) so we can help you out ASAP. :slight_smile:

I went ahead and loaded up your page both in Chrome (OSX) and Safari (iPhone 6) and both pages seem to work just fine. They’re also very beautiful; I’m really loving the fade in effect! Did you manage to find the fix for this yourself? 


Not yet, still working on it, but thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:


Hmmm, interesting, as I don’t see the same issue on my end. I’ll go ahead and open up a support ticket and ask our team to follow up with you directly. Hang tight!


I have isolated the problem to be the javascript code, but i do not know exactly witch part, and to recreate the problem you should open the page on an actual mobile device (and in my chase the mobile browser is chrome on android 4.4.2), as i have tested the page on mobile emulators on pc and it works fine.


Hi Alex, 
We’ve sent you an email directly to dive into this further. Feel free to follow up when you get a chance!


UPDATE: The issue is fixed now, it turns out my chrome version was causing it.


Thanks so much for the update, Alex! I’ll go ahead and archive this thread now.