JotForm & Unbounce

Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to look.

So, love unbounce but want something more for the forms.

Jotform seems to have the capabilities that we are after, and getting a jotform onto an unbounce landing page can fairly easily be done.

The problem seems to be registering the conversions.

I was hoping that someone may have had some experience with using jotform or similar within unbounce so that you can get more form capabilities but use the unbounce A/B platform.

All thoughts and experiences much appreciated and I would be particularly interested to hear from any dev’s who have pulled this off and could help us.



Hi, have you considered using Unbounce’s external conversion tracking feature?

You could set it up on a “thank you” page that the JotForm redirects to after completion.

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No, I haven’t Nicholas. I didn’t realise this was a thing.

That’s pretty much exactly what we would be after. We will test this afternoon and let you know how we get on.

Thanks for the quick response.