Javascripts on Script Manager Vs Variant Javascripts?

Hi there, does anyone know if there is an added benefit on page integrity by adding scripts through the Script Manager vs Adding them on the Variant itself?

I’ve noticed a bunch of errors for Mouseflow (heatmaps) when it’s installed at the Variant level vs through the scripts manager in all pages.

As I understand it, SM, is more to save time on repetitive actions (copy-paste scripts) rather than functionality and stability but I am not a Javascript expert.

Can anyone shed some light on the matter,



Hi David,
There should not be any difference in terms of performance but it helps a lot to save time on repetitive actions as you said and therefore it makes your landing pages easier to maintain.

I haven’t witnessed that (but then I haven’t used mouseflow either).

Have you tried viewing the html source & attached files from the browser to see if there are differences between adding in the variant / script manager?

Not the same topic, but related: I considered moving everything to Google Tag manager. I thought it might be easier and more powerful than script manager.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too, that was the whole point to move it to Scripts Manager, since our students are using these tools and they kept forgetting to change the variants scripts, this way it saves everyone time and less margin of error as well.


That’s a really good suggestion, I’m gonna check it out,

I’ve been meaning to use G tags but haven’t gotten around to it, I have enough scripts floating around already, but it seems like a good idea.

Thanks a lot for replying =)