Javascript removal from a form

I added a JS code in Unbounce form for testing purposes. And after few minutes I removed the script. But it is still showing the same code effect in the form on browser. The script was a simple alert box to check if a JS code will work or not. It has been almost a day and the alert box still pops up when the form page is opened. Can anyone tell me how to remove that alert box?
The Unbounce form is in WordPress if that helps.

Hey, there are many reasons why this could be happening. Can I see a screen shot of you script panel? Did you publish the changes? Or it could be your browser cache.

Happy to help.

Thanks for your reply. The issue got resolved.

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Can I ask what it was? I’m intrigued now :wink:

Yes. After adding or remving the script the page needs to be repulished to make the changes permanent. What I was doing is just saving the page but not republishing it.

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Yup, that’s do it :stuck_out_tongue: