Javascript & form submissions not working at all


Is anyone else having problem with the Javascript not executing on their landing pages?
I am having trouble with the smooth scroll and my forms are not submitting, the button does nothing.

the page in question is


Hi there,

This issue is being caused by the fact that you’re using our Analytics event tracking script alongside Google Tag Manager, instead of simply placing the Analytics tracking script directly on the page.

Right now the event-tracking script doesn’t support Google Tag Manager. There’s a notice to this effect on the support article.

We’re looking into this, but right now we’re not sure why it isn’t working with GTM. So at the moment, the easiest fix is to manually include the Google Analytics tracking script on your page , which should get things up and running.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


I’m not aware we have GTM working alongside this sub-domain. We have it on our main domain, which could be affecting it, but i’m no genius at this kind of thing so correct me if i’m wrong.

Domain in question.


Hey there Matthew,

I’ve opened an support ticket for your issue: we’ll be in touch by email shortly.