Issues with Tab Index

Hi all,
I’ve created a pop-up for a client and they just got back to me with a compliance issue regarding the tab index. The issue is when a keyboard-only user sees the pop-up, they have to tab or arrow down the entire page before the cursor comes to the pop-up in order for them to fill out or close the pop-up. We’ve noticed the issue isn’t present when using Safari.

I’m not incredibly code savvy, but any and ALL advice is much appreciated.

Hey @Jed_Clawson,

The issue is most probably coming from the fact that the popups are being loaded as iFrames and as you’ve noticed already with Safari, different browsers handle accessibility differently.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy solution for you. There are simply too many browsers and if you factor in the different browser versions, the possibilities of something not working somewhere become pretty significant.

You’ll need some serious development and QA time to be able to cover all of the above scenarios and browsers.


Thanks for the response @Hristian. Maybe I’ll see what an outside dev team can do for this. I appreciate your insight!