Issues with landing page's form on iPhone Devices


For my landing page ( - I have added a referral section on the form.
It works perfectly on desktop, and Android devices, however on iPhones, it won’t allow users to scroll down beyond the phone number field and completely fill out the form.

Hopefully, someone will know what the issue might be.


Hi Natalie,

I just checked out that link on my iPhone and it seems to display fine.

Do you have a screenshot of what you’re seeing, and what type of iphone(s) did you test it on?


It displays fine, however, once you start filling it out, it does not let you fill out the referred by section.


Hmm, very strange. I tried it on my iPhone using both Safari and Chrome, and was able to fill out the form easily, including the referral section. Maybe it’s an issue with the specific device you tested it on?