Issue with Facebook Comments in Unbounce's Custom HTML Object


I’ve added Facebook Comments to my page using the Custom HTML object in Unbounce. As you can see on my website, the Custom HTML object is fixed height and doesn’t resize as I get more and more comments. Anyone figure out a work around for this? I really need the FB Comments!


I am having this problem as well.


Hey Arthur,

I don’t even see a Facebook comments box using my safari browser.  Just autoplays a full screen video.




Any word from Unbounce on a fix for this?


Having exactly the same problem. Any solution so far?


Any solution?


Hi @dludvig,

Due to the way the Unbounce builder constructs pages, dynamic height elements are pretty hard to implement on an Unbounce page.

In the past, other community members have tried to implement something similar with Disqus boxes. You can see their code here and try to adjust it for Facebook.