Is there any type of alert when the unbounce server goes down?


I was wondering if there is any type of alert system that would ping me when/if the unbounce server goes down and our landing pages are taken offline? We’re in the process of transitioning our landing pages over to our custom URL with Unbounce. My concern is that if Unbounce goes down I wouldn’t know right away.

Do others have any sort of contingency plan in place?


Hey Stefan!

For updates and notifications on active Unbounce issues checkout our status page below:

You can get updates via email or text


Hey Stefan, you’re also free to use services such as Pingdom to monitor your pages.  I should also add that you can check out our uptime on as well, though that only shows the last 30 days right now.  I just checked our one year number as reported by Pingdom, and we’re at 99.9958% uptime on our servers (22 minutes of downtime in the last year, or less than two minutes per month on average.

As a matter of course, we don’t take our servers down for maintenance or upgrades, so the only downtime we ever experience is if there are operational errors or issues with hosting (which is reasonably rare because your Unbounce pages are hosted in four Amazon data centers around the globe).

Anyway, welcome to Unbounce, hope your transition goes smoothly!


Great, thanks guys. I subscribed to the updates and will check out Pingdom.