Is there a way we can edit one page sections and make it duplicated across all other landing pages, variant?


We have a footer that we use over 20 pages. Is there a way that we can edit once and let it propagate to the other 20+? Or is the only way using HTML code to direct it to show another page. If we do that, how can we track different variants of the footer?


Hi Zhizhong, 

Currently, there is no way to use one-page section across multiple Unbounce landing pages. 

You are correct that a work around is to create your footer as a separate page and call it on each landing page you want to use.

  • If you do the above, you can add variations for the footer and these would be served randomly just like an A/B test of a landing page.

  • However, if you do it this way, you’ll add an additional page view to your Unbounce monthly allowance since you are essentially loading 2 landing pages each time.

If you don’t need to A/B test your footer, an alternative is to build the footer outside of your Unbounce account and similarly call it as a page element on each landing page. 



Hi Zhizhong,

I am managing 100+ landing pages on my Unbounce account and have been in the same situation multiple times. This is how i do it,  open 10/15 landing pages to edit in separate tabs on  your browser, then copy the modified footer/header section and paste it into these open tabs, save and republish them one by one. You might have to drag and reposition the header/footer after you paste it.