Is there a way to use mask input on a AMP form?


I have some AMP pages that get leads through forms. The visitor inserts your phone number and then it is sent via zapier to my CRM.

I’m facing a great numbers of phone that has fewer digits than necessary.

Is there a way to set a phone mask input or any validation to native form?

Thanks for your support.

What crm do you use?

Is a custom CRM. Created by a team of developers

AMP is very limited for forms.
Back when AMP was added in Unbounce i made all my LP compatible but couldn’t use anymore the multistep forms.
In the end i almost gave up on AMP LPs as the conversion rate is much lower with classic forms…
i prefer to lose a bit of time loading the page with the multistep form.

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there is this in google support:

but I don’t think we can hack into it without unbounce devs.

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