Is there a way to turn on/off a grid view?


I’m probably blind, but is their a grid we can turn on and off to make aligning objects easier? I want to know how much space is between a box on a given section and replicate that distant in other places in other sections. Have a grid would tell me at a glance.

If not a grid, any other ideas of seeing how much space there is between boxes, objects, text boxes, etc.? 


Hi Z,

I don’t believe there is a grid. What I usually do is just use the positioning controls in the right-side panel to line elements up perfectly, whenever I need it precise or need elements with the same exact amount of space between them.



There is no grid feature. The guides auto appear similar to photoshop. If you search for the product roadmap you can request a grid feature. The more people that vote on it the more likely you are to get it!



I normally use the Left, Right, Top, Bottom parameters (along with height and width) to ensure that I’m aligning things appropriately. It’s definitely a pain the butt. 


Thanks guys!