Is there a way to measure views and conversion per day?


I’m able to easily see the results of a campaign from the last point the stats were clear and get a general sense of the activity on a page but is there a way to specifically view the number of page visitors and points of conversion per day? I’m seeing only the macro and would like to get daily results too. Can this be done?



Hey Rob - Currently,Unbounce’s reporting is restricted to a cumulative tally. We’re working on reporting 2.0. In the meantime, for more granular reporting, we recommend integrating your pages with Google Analytics,Kissmetrics or any other third party tracking. If you have any additional questions, let us know!


Hi Lou,

Is this reporting 2.0 going to be launched soon ? It would be very helpful.

Thanks !


Hey Pierre!

We just launched the ability for you to generate CSV files, of all your leads within a selected date range. If you’re using a page with a form, and the form is set as a conversion goal, this will let you download your daily conversions from each page.

Improved reporting is something we plan on tackling soon. That being said, we’re still quite aways from launching the ability to view visitors and conversions by day. We prioritize our product roadmap features based on customer demand. We’ve just launched Mobile Responsive and Script Manager, and are currently building SSL.

Can I ask, do you use any third party tracking tools? I’d love to learn more about your tracking needs and what you currently use.

Thanks in advance for sharing! 


Hi there- is this feature still not available? I cannot figure out how to do this. Thanks!


Hey Catherine! Welcome to the Unbounce Community! :wave:

Before I dive into this too much, can I ask, do you use any third party tracking tools like Kissmetrics or Google Analytics?

I’ll keep an eye out for your response :relaxed:


Hi Jess,
We have Google Analytics, but it would be much easier to just have this info directly in Unbounce.


Thnaks for response hristian! :slight_smile: